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Faculty of Information Resource Management

Faculty of Information Resource Management

Faculty of Information Resource Management is a higher education and research institution with information resource management as the core. It is committed to cultivating information resource management talents with professional knowledge, practical skills and global perspective. Our Faculty has an experienced and passionate team of faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching, research and practice.

The teaching focus of our school is on the organization, storage, retrieval, sharing and utilization of information, covering various fields such as informatics, archival science, library science, data management, etc. Our curriculum are designed to provide a perfect combination of theory and practice, foster students’ critical thinking and innovative ability to meet the changing needs of the modern information society.

In the Faculty of Information Resource Management, students will have access to a wealth of learning and research opportunities. Students are encouraged to participate in a diverse range of projects, internships, and collaborations to accumulate practical experience. The Faculty maintains close partnerships with various enterprises, government agencies, libraries, archives and research institutions, providing students with a wide range of career development opportunities.

The research direction of the school covers all aspects of information resource management, including information system design, information policy and regulations, data analysis and mining, digital humanities, information ethics, etc. We advocate interdisciplinary cooperation, actively promote academic innovation, and contribute to the development of the field of information resource management.

Our faculty is also committed to community service and social responsibility. We encourage teachers and students to participate in social welfare activities and use their professional knowledge to serve the society. Through a variety of student activities and societies, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community, and developing globally minded and socially responsible students


The Faculty of Information Resources Management is committed to becoming a global leading research and education center in the field of information resource management, cultivating high-quality information resources management professionals for the society, and leading academic research and practical innovation.


Our mission is to nurture innovative and globally-minded information resource management professionals through excellent teaching, research and practice. We are committed to promoting best practices in information management, serving the society, and enhancing the information management capabilities for both public and private institutions.

Core Values

  1. Excellence: We are committed to achieving excellence in teaching, research and service, advancing the academic and practical development of information resource management.
  2. Innovation: We encourage innovative thinking, advocate the experimental spirit, and strive to turn new ideas into practical solutions.
  3. Diversity & Inclusion: We respect and welcome diverse perspectives, cultures, and backgrounds, and are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment.
  4. Integrity & Responsibility: We uphold integrity, always follow the highest ethical standards, and shoulder social responsibilities to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on society.
  5. Cooperation & Team Spirit: We attach great importance to cooperation, advocate team spirit, and encourage the establishment of positive cooperative relations inside and outside the college to promote the progress of information resource management.


Dr. Chang Cheng

Doctor Of Philosophy (Business Administration)

 (Research Direction: Media Marketing, Cause Marketing)

Assistant President Of Shinawatra University

Dean Of School Of Information Resource Management

Mr. Song Jinming

Computer Application And Technology (Research DirectionInformation Visualization)

Director Of Admissions Office, School Of Information Resource Management, Shinawatra University

Ms. Yang Lin:

Master of Education (Research Direction: Curriculum and Teaching Theory)

Director of Educational Administration, School of Information Resource Management, Shinawatra University

Ms. Li Xiaojing

Master of Business Administration (Business Management)

College Office Secretary, School of Information Resource Management, Shinawatra University


Master of International Education in Chinese Language

Director of International Exchange Office, School of Information Resource Management, Sinawa University


地址:99 Moo 10, Tambon Bangtoey, Amphoe Samkok, Pathum Thani, 12160