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Faculty of Health Sciences




Cupping Therapy


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Vision and Mission


It is a leading health science learning center and creates an international network for developing ethical and socially responsible personnel.


Having knowledge and ethics, strengthening intelligence, searching for reason, bringing health science to the community, creating a sustainable society.


1. It is one of the QS World University Rankings of the Faculty of Health Sciences in Thailand.
2. Internal educational quality assessment according to the criteria for evaluating excellent educational quality has an evaluation result at the score level of 300 points or more.


1. Produce health science graduates with international competencies and learning skills for the 21st century.
2. Academic services that are consistent with community needs and develop networks between universities, communities and other organizations.
3. Develop lecturers to have research potential. Promote research on local development and collaborative projects with inter-university networks and other organizations
4. Preserve arts, culture and local wisdom that can be integrated with teaching and learning.
5. Develop the Faculty of Health Sciences into a learning center to provide (academic) services to the community.
6. Manage by adhering to the principles of good governance.

Corporate values:

FOHS means
F = Furtherance of Academic
O = Open and Moral Mind
H = Health Modeling
S = Social Responsibility


“Graduates with good health and leadership” means graduates who graduate from the Faculty of Health Sciences with good health, leadership and the ability to develop their work to support various changing contexts in proactive health services.


“Leader in health sciences” means having knowledge and understanding of health sciences and being able to integrate health science knowledge.

Core competencies

Ability to work within new evidence-based health science concepts.

Outstanding strengths

  1. Faculty are experts in both clinical and health sciences in various fields.
  2. Faculty have experience working in both public and private hospitals, including teaching.
  3. Many lecturers can communicate in both Chinese and English.
  4. Lecturer receive certificates as both professional qualification assessors in the field of health services and career researchers at level 8 (the highest level in Thailand of the Institute of Professional Qualifications). (Public Organization)
  5. Instructors are experts in quality work in hospitals and risk management in hospital

***  Faculty contact information


Address:      99 Moo 10, Bangtoey, Samkhok, Pathum Thani 12160 Thailand.