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International students need to apply for a student (non-immigrant ED) visa at their local embassy/consulate. The initial visa will be valid for 90 days only (NOT 1 year). After arriving in Thailand, successfully registering for courses and starting classes, students are eligible to extend their visas. The Student Affairs Department (which is located at 1st Floor Shinawatra University’s Main Building) will assist all eligible students in this process and accompany them to the immigration office, if necessary.

Upon arrival or during orientation, new students will be briefed on the visa process and requirements. Students who arrive late or miss the orientation for a different reason, need to get in touch with the university’s visa officer (Student Affairs Department) in order to get an understanding of visa matters.

Please be aware that your passport and any visa you hold is always your own responsibility and you are liable in cases of missed deadlines, overstays and any rules/regulations violated. Failure to comply with the rules/regulations may result in fines or, in severe cases, revoking of the visa. Even though the university stands as sponsor of the visa and assists its students in obtaining and extending it, the student visa can only be issued by the Immigration department or an embassy/consulate, on the authority of the government.

The visa application process may differ, depending on the applicant’s nationality and the country where the application is made. Commonly, it takes 5 – 10 days to obtain a student visa.

The documents required to apply include, but are not limited to:

  • Passport
  • Passport size photo
  • Visa application form (available at the embassy/consulate)
  • Academic qualifications used to admission
  • Letter of Acceptance/Certification from the university
  • Application fee (approximately $75 USD)

International students who hold a Non-Immigrant “ED” for the first time would be able to reside in the Kingdom of Thailand for 3 months and renew Visa (Non-Immigrant “ED”) no more than 1 year. Preparation for renewing visa should be made 30-45 days in advance. The school will collect the passport and coordinate with Student Affairs.

  1. Students fill out form TM.7 and STM.2 with attaching 4×6 cm photo and send their passport with the Departure Card and copy of passport
  2. Request tuition fee receipt from finance department and transcript from registration office (should request 3 days in advance)
  3. Students signing all documents and deliver to Student Affairs Department 3 working days before the date require.
  4. Student Affairs Department prepares documents (Processing time 3 working days)
  5. Students extend the visa at Pathum Thani Immigration.

Download Visa Extension

International students who need to leave the Kingdom of Thailand must do the “Re-entry” permit before departing from the Kingdom of Thailand. In case that one cannot do a “Re-entry” permit when departing, one’s current visa will be canceled.

  1. Students send Passport and fill out the form TM. 8 with a photograph, a copy of the first page of your Passport, a copy of current visa page and Departure cards.
  2. Students do Re-entry permit at the Pathum Thani Immigration.

Download Re-entry

Students must report to the Immigration office when staying longer than 90 days. After that, there is a need to report every 90 days. Students can report 15 days before or 7 days after. If the students do not report themselves every 3 months (90 days), they will be fined

90 days reporting online

2. Procedure for Notification of residence for more than 90 days via the Internet can be report 15 days in advance.

  1. Access the Immigration Bureau website URL: and select the Online Service (Over 90 day) menu to access residence notice for more than 90 days via the Internet.
  2. Go to Login page by filling in registered Email Address and password and click Login button to login. If you have never registered, click “Apply” or if you forgot your password, click “Forgot Password”
  3. Click the “Accept” button to accept and confirm the use of the system, this will only be required only once.
  4. Click on the menu New APPLICATION (TM.47) to enter the screen.
  5. Fill the form shown. (Space marked with * are required)
  6. Review the information displayed on the screen and click on the “Submit” button to confirm the information.
  7. The system will send a response via registered email. And it will be mark as ‘Pending’ approval status.
  8. The system will return to create the new form and retain the previously filled address information for ease of use in the case of notifying of more members living in the same residence.

3. The process of checking the status and notifying the result of notification of residence more than 90 days via the Internet. When the officer has considered your application, the result will be sent via the registered email address within 3 working days.

  1. Enter the website of the Immigration Office at URL : and select the Online Service (Over 90 day) menu to access notification of residence more than 90 days via the Internet
  2. Click the Login button by filling in the Password that has been sent via Email Address to login.
  3. Click on the menu Check the status of application to enter the search screen.
  4. The system will display all information that has been submitted. or fill in your passport number and click Search button. The system will display the information for you to click and view the desired information.

4. Fifteen days in advance we will notify you of the next due date for notification of residence through the registered email address.  

* The online service does NOT support if:
– There has been a change of new passport.
The foreigner has to make the notification in person or authorizes another person to make the notification at the immigration office located in the locality in which the foreigner has taken residence. After that, the foreigner can make the next 90 days notification by online service.

Download-90 Report

Students are advised to contact the embassy/consulate where they intend to apply well in time before submission, in order to ensure a successful application. All relevant details are usually available and well explained on the embassy/consulate website.